Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

Secure Peer-to-Peer communication

This project proposes a flexible and modular approach for existing peer-to-peer frameworks to enable a secure communication using well-established and proven protocols and algorithms. It introduces an interoperability layer where existing peer-to-peer frameworks and transport security protocols can be plugged in seamlessly and analyses the components of end-to-end security protocols. Finally a proof-of-concept application using the proposed framework is introduced which enables peers to establish secure connections with different types of identities. It can be found in the download area

Proof-of-Concept Applikation

The download section contains three P2P Secure Communication Application packets. One common file, which includes all necessary libabries and two platform specific files, including the required JRE (Java 8 including JavaFX).
All packets include two start scripts run-client1 and run-client2.
run-client1 starts the master node and needs to be connected before run-client2 is executed. Further details to the application can be found in the report document.


Title Version Date
Final report 1.3 2014-10-30
P2P Secure Communication Application (No-arch) 1.0 2014-08-06
P2P Secure Communication Application (Bundled JRE for linux x64) 1.0 2014-08-06
P2P Secure Communication Application (Bundled JRE for Windows x86) 1.0 2014-08-06

Posted 12.11.2014, Kategorie: IT-Security.