Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

TPMv2 Analysis

The “Trusted Computing” technology offers interesting  concepts and methods to increase the trustworthiness of connected systems. By adding a new component to a computer, it is possible to watch the behaviour of the computer and protect it from unwanted behaviour caused by malicious software. Trusted Computing does not only protect local systems, it also helps to attest the state of a remote system. In 2009 A-SIT evaluated “Trusted Computing” and its central component the Trusted Platform Module. The study (DE) engaged on the TPM v1.2, which was enrolled to the mass market.

Recently the Trusted Computing Group introduced the updated TPM v2 specification. While the new version is not yet integrated into mass-market systems, some manufactures provide first chip samples. A-SIT analysed the TMPv2 specifications and synthesized a TPM v2 emulator from the specifications. The results are currently prepared and will be released soon.

Posted 4.03.2015, Kategorie: IT-Security.