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Citizen Card Encrypted (CCE)

CCE enables container-based encryption of files and folders. Encryption of data can be performed using smart-cards (hardware based keys, currently various versions of Austrian Citizen Card are supported) or software keys. CCE is available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8, OS X and Linux. Starting with version 3 of the software, a local installation of Citizen Card Environment software is not necessary anymore.

CCE 3.3.2

The release of CCE 3.3.1 adds support for the most-recent generation of Citizen cards (G4), shows the recipients of CCE containers, and provides stability improvements. With the release 3.3.2 we add the support for A-Trust cards based on CardOS 5.3 and integrate a couple of fixes to support larger files.

Hence, CCE3 supports all smart-cards that are used for the Austrian Citizen Card:

  • ACOS 03 (A-Trust Cards)
  • ACOS 04 (A-Trust Cards)
  • a.sign premium (CardOS 5.3)
  • STARCOS G2 (e-cards without Braille characters)
  • STARCOS G3 (e-cards with Braille characters)
  • STARCOS G4 (newest generation of e-cards)

Re-encryption im batch mode

Starting with the version 3.2.0, CCE optionally provides automated re-encryption in batch mode. This type of execution is solely possible by using command prompt based interface of the application. Additionally the new command-prompt interface supports other functions and improves the functionality, flexibility, as well as usability of the application.


Please note: in the case of loss or defect of the smart card, the data encrypted for that device will not be available as well. Therefore it is suggested to use additional backup key or to encrypt the data for several smart cards. For details, please take a look at the documentation.


The project has been migrated to the Joinup platform of European Union:

Title Version Date
CCE file format 2012-08-30
CCE Dokumentation (German) 2017-06-19
CCE Windows XP/Vista/7/8 64bit (MSI package) 3.3.2 2017-06-19
CCE Windows XP/Vista/7/8 32bit (MSI package) 3.3.2 2017-06-19
CCE Linux 64bit (Installer) 3.3.2 2017-06-19
CCE Linux 32bit (Installer) 3.3.2 2017-06-19
CCE OS X 64bit (.dmg) 3.3.2 2017-06-19
CCE OS X 32bit (.dmg) 3.3.2 2017-06-19


Note Version Date
Released 3.3.2 2017-06-19
Release (nicht mehr unterstützt) 3.3.1 2015-06-02
Release (nicht mehr unterstützt) 3.2.0 2012-10-16
Release (nicht mehr unterstützt!) 3.1.8 2010-09-15
Release (nicht mehr unterstützt!) 2.1.5 2009-04-09
Release (nicht mehr unterstützt!) 2.1.3 2008-07-24
Release (nicht mehr unterstützt!) 1.1.0 2007-07-11
Release (nicht mehr unterstützt!) 1.0.0 2005-09-08

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