Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

Automated Reasoning over Security Policies

Applied approaches on authorization management often focus on a single system or environment, neglecting the need to address the security of data sharing processes that span various entities and organizations.
In the course of this work, we address the shortcomings of existing frameworks by separating authorization management from particular organizations, their business or resource models. We establish a framework that defines abstract means to manage the security of resources distributed across diverse services using a unified service and policy description models.

This report introduces the general approach, proposed architecture and, by applying the running case scenario, explains the practical application of the proposed model. The report further presents and discusses the initial evaluation of performances of proposed approach.


Titel Version Datum
Projekt Report (EN) 1.0 2017-04-20
Accompanying Tool 1.0 2017-04-20

Posted 24.04.2017, Kategorie: Cloud Computing, eGovernment, IT-Security, Web Technologies.