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This project consists of tools, that help to create:

  • E-Mail encryption certificates (CRYPT)
  • Encrypting File System (EFS) – certificates
  • Certificates for foreign bPKs  encryption.

All created certificates have the same root certificate. It does not matter which tool is used for initialization, every tool uses the existing root certificate if it already exists.

Status Information

The toolkit allows to create encryption certificates and EFS-certificates.

  • Extensions: The toolkit is designed, to allows the easy integration of other tools. This allows the easy creation of different certificates.
  • User-Name at EFS-Tool: The declaration of a user name is necessary for the creation EFS certificates. For this reason, a separate example file (“Inputdatei Beispiel EFS.csv”) exists  for the creation of bulk certificates. This example files specifies the user names.

Additional a tool for the Austrian E-Government process was developed, that creates certificates for the encryption for foreign bPKs.


The CA toolkit contains the EFS-tool and the VCA-tool . Every tools has its own start file.

  • “VCA start.bat”
    … starts the VCA tool for the creation of e-Mail encryption certificates
  • “EFSCA start.bat”
    … starts the EFS tool for the creation of EFS certificates
  • “FremdbPK CA.exe”
    … starts the tool for the creation of foreign bPK encryption certificates.

It does not matter which tool is started first, the initialization is only done once and is used for all tools of the toolkit.


Titel Version Date
Gesamtdokumentation CA-Toolkit (incl. VCA- u. EFSCA-Komponente) 1.2 2003-01-31 CA-Toolkit with JRE (recommend) 1.2
CA-Toolkit ohne JRE (without IAIK-JCE) 1.2
Bedienungsanleitung für Fremd-bPK-Tool 1.1 2006-11-24 Foreign-bPK-Tool with JRE (with email dispatch) 1.2 2007-06-02 Foreign-bPK-Tool without JRE (with email dispatch) 1.2 2007-06-02





Remarks Version Date
Release CA-Toolkit 1.2 2003-02-02
Release Fremd-bPK-Tool 1.1 2006-11-24
Release Fremd-bPK-Tool 1.2 2007-06-02

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