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Security Layer New (SeLaN)

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On the behalf of the Federal Chancellery the Security Kapsel was developed as a reference implementation of Citizen Card Interface. It corresponds to the version 1.2.0 of Security Layer specification and is used as a Citizen Card emulation and test tool for developers.

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Word Signature

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Applications such as MS-Word are undisputely mostly widespread and used for the tasks such as document editing. The same applies in the field of public administration. In this project the solution was developed with the aim to support the creation of electronic XML-notifications, in the environment which is familiar to the user.

This application therefore enables the creation of XML-Documents with the specified structure (schema) using MS-Word. This way, electronic notices can be directly exported from MS-Word as XML documents, signed and even electronically delivered. Prerequirement is that the original Word document (notice) builds upon specified template structure. In the practice Word documents in the targeted application field are mostly composed this way.

The application presented here provides the following functionalities:

  • Creation of XML-Documents, based on the predefined schema of given MS-Word document
  • Created XML-Document can be electronically signed (e.g. official signature)
  • If necessary, the resulting XML-Document can be additionally electronically delivered


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SMIME Mail Container

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With this simple Java Tool users can sign and/or encrypt arbitrary content. The signed and/or encrypted content is packaged in a SMIME container and stored as *.EML file. *.EML files can be opened with Netscape or Outlook Express and enable for verification of their signature and/or encryption certificates.
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