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Circular-Resolution Database

Electronic documents in general and in particular resolution proposals usually need to be created, signed, and made accessible to a predefined group of people. This web application provides opportunities to facilitate these processing steps with the help of the Austrian Citizen Card.

Authenticated users of this web application can be dynamically assigned different roles and rights. This enables authorized users to upload PDF files or to create such files according to data previously entered by the user. Created or uploaded documents are subsequently automatically submitted to a predefined user group for electronic signature. Completely signed documents are finally made accessible for review and download to authorized users.

Additionally, the web application provides opportunities to maintain and backup created and signed documents. A configurable email-based notification system is also integrated into this web application to improve the overall efficiency of document creation and signing processes.


Title Version Date
Documentation (in German) 1.0 2008-08-19 Web Application “Circular-Resolution Databse” (without JRE) 1.0.0 2008-08-19


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Posted 19.08.2008, Kategorie: eGovernment.