Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

Testnormal BKU

Kategorie: Citizen Card

The basic functionalities of your Citizen Card Environment (Bürgerkartenumgebung) can be tested using this test application. At the end of the test series application will prepare and disply summary of CCE findings.

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Security Layer New (SeLaN)

Kategorie: Archive

On the behalf of the Federal Chancellery the Security Kapsel was developed as a reference implementation of Citizen Card Interface. It corresponds to the version 1.2.0 of Security Layer specification and is used as a Citizen Card emulation and test tool for developers.

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DKIM Proxy

Kategorie: IT-Security

DKIM Proxy is a reference implementation of the RFC 4871 (DomainKeys Identified Mail – DKIM) standard. This implementation can be deployed as a proxy in front of a SMTP or POP3/IMAP4 server.

The DKIM standard and the provided implementation facilitate the integration of appropriate means to reliably authenticate sender domains in e-mail transmissions. DKIM Proxy enables an SMTP server to sign sent e-mails according to the DKIM standard, and POP3 or IMAP4 servers to verify DKIM signatures of received e-mails.

Received e-mails are extended with an additional header field to indicate the result of the signature-verification process. This way, local e-mail clients can be configures to automatically classify incoming e-mails and to identify e-mails originating from invalid sender domains.
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