Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

Cloud-based signature solutions: a survey

Kategorie: Electronic signatures

Cloud-based signing solutions are on the rise and attempt to revolutionize business processes while integrating themselves well into cloud storage infrastructures. The combination promises faster process flows for signing a contract than the classic paper-based approach. In this survey we reviewed seven representative examples of cloud-based signature services and assessed them at the provided cryptographic features, the interfaces they offer, the authentication methods they provide and the key storage implementations used. We found that multi-factor authentication and hardware security module back-ends are common features. Interfaces range from APIs over web user interfaces to proprietary applications. Yet, there are shortcomings in flexibility and security.

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Create and decode CMS in Javascript

Kategorie: eGovernment

In order to process sensitive data in a browser-based application, several cryptographic functions have to be implemented by developers. Currently basic functions as RSA or AES encryption are covered by publicly available Javascript libraries, but they lack the support for advanced mechanisms as Cryptographic Message Syntax or XML signatures. This project implements a demo that provides encryption and decryption using CMS. As the report of this project is available in German only, this article covers the most relevant results.
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