Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

Security Recommendations for the Public Sector

Kategorie: eGovernment, IT-Security

Cryptography is a powerful tool, which—if applied correctly—provides confidentiality, integrity, and authenticity of electronically stored, processed, and transmitted data. Electronic Internet-based services from security-critical fields such as e-government or e-banking would be infeasible without cryptography. Hence, the correct application of cryptographic methods is also for public administrations of special relevance.
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SSL Check for Clients/Cerver

Kategorie: IT-Security

The A-SIT SSL tool consists of two parts. The “Browser test” is capable of reviewing and evaluating the SSL/TLS capabilities of web browsers, while the “Server test” performs investigative actions on web servers. A classification is performed on the tested components, indicating whether the tested components are qualified for use in security-critical environments.
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