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Dynamic Key Usage Policies

Kategorie: Cloud Computing, IT-Security

More and more data and resources are moved to the cloud. Even cryptographic primitives do benefit from the advantages of the cloud. However, state-of-the-art authentication methodologies and defense strategies mostly cannot cope with attacks while simultaneously allowing the legitimate user to use the service. The legitimate user often is required to do manual steps to gain access to the service again. Denial-of-Service attacks against a user therefore persist. Weiter lesen…

Certificate Status Application

Kategorie: Electronic signatures

The Certificate Status Tool is designed to provide certificate status information based on manually defined trust anchors as well as the EU Trusted Lists of Certification Service Providers (TSL). This status information includes OCSP and CRL-based revocation information. The tool also directly supports querying LDAP services for certificates. Some services are already configured by default (those used by the Austrian Citizen Card, in particular). Users can update the list of configured services using the provided Online Update functionality. In addition, the configuration can be extended locally. Version 3.2.0 introduces an interactive TSL explorer.

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