Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

Contextual Data Exchange

Kategorie: Cloud Computing, eGovernment, IT-Security

In this project we present the reusable data structure that addresses the issues of static, inflexible and practically non-interoperable authorization definitions. We first establish the structure that introduces enhanced expressivity, context-sensitivity and adaptability in descriptions of authorization constraints. We then develop the supporting software component and the web-based interface for definition and inspection of access authorizations established using the proposed structure. Based on that, we present a demonstration prototype and describe the application of the proposed structure both in terms of emerging solutions and existing authorization frameworks


Flexible Two-Factor Authentication with FIDO

Kategorie: Electronic signatures, IT-Security

FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F) is an industry standard for a generally applicable two-factor authentication. Using a USB security token users can authenticate against a variety of web services. A key feature of the U2F concept is that the corresponding hardware element is physically connected at the time of registration process with the computer, so that the web browser can interact directly via a suitable interface. The wide applicability of FIDO U2F precludes that certified hardware element is required. This impedes, for example, the applicability of U2F applications on smart phones, since it is often not feasible to connect USB tokens to these devices. Often, due to lack of support, NFC is also no viable alternative.
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