Secure Information Technology Center – Austria

Secure Real-Time Textcollaboration

Google Docs and Office 365 are fixed points when it comes to cloud-based data processing. The rush towards different people editing a single document at the same time, however, seems merely restrained by concerns about data confidentiality. This project gives an overview of current approaches to secure real-time textcollaboration available in science and industry and distills a list of remainingchallenges. Based on these findings, an architecture to tackle these challenges is proposed. All in all, the presented demonstrator helps understanding real-time textcollaboration better and the discussion of remaining challenges lead the way to a completely secure solution.


Title Version Date
Report (german only) 1.0 2017-10-03
Demonstrator 2017-11-14

Posted 3.11.2017, Kategorie: IT-Security.