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Server-side Solutions for Cloud-based Mobile Augmentation

Although mobile end-user devices are getting more and more powerful, they still suffer from limited processing capabilities and battery capacities. To address this problem, the augmentation of mobile devices with resources from surrounding devices or with cloud-based resources has gained popularity in the recent years. Existing solutions that follow this approach and offload computationally intensive tasks already yield great results for specific use cases. Unfortunately, most of these solutions are tailored to specific operating systems or programming languages, and do not support the flexible usage of resources. To overcome these limitations, we introduce a secure and flexible resource discovery solution for mobile augmentation systems.

This solution enables a dynamic use of external resources and assures that security critical computations are offloaded to trusted resources only. In this project We demonstrate the feasibility and applicability of our proposed solution by means of a proof-of-concept implementation.


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Report (in German/Serverlösungen zu Cloud-based Mobile Augmentation)

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Posted 13.07.2016, Kategorie: Cloud Computing, IT-Security.